Dig-in is a fantastic community greengrocer based in Bruntsfield, Edinburgh.  We love community at daysix, so we got involved to develop their brand and help them to launch their enterprise.

As a community-owned and community-run greengrocer, Dig-in provides locally-sourced produce and aims to foster community spirit.  They had big ambitions to open a shop and provide the good people of Edinburgh with their fruit and veg.  They wanted quality to run through everything they do, and the brand was no different.  We helped to develop the brand identity for Dig-in and supply the collateral for them to get up and running.

The logo presents a professional quality feel that harps back to the days of handwritten signage and the age of shopping on your local high street.  A treatment to the logo to degrade it slightly helps to convey the idea of getting back to homegrown, fresh out the ground, still with the dirt produce and encourages the move away from pre-packaged ‘perfect’ veg.

A range of print collateral were also developed to market the shop to locals and inform about the importance of shopping local as well as bags, store cards, aprons and lots of other little bits.

It was a really fun project to be involved in, especially with such a local enterprise that’s aims are so admirable.

It’s great to see Dig-in thriving and providing top class fruit and veg to the people of Edinburgh.  If you’re looking for an apple, courgette, or some of the best eggs in Edinburgh you could do a lot worse then popping  along to Dig-in Bruntsfield.